October News

October News

We have had a good beginning to Grade Three!

Thank you parents, for returning Earthquake Kits and signing your child’s planner.   If you were not able to attend “Meet the Teacher Night”, a paper copy of what we learn in Grade 3 should have been brought home with your child.  Here are a few key highlights/reminders of what we went over:

·         When emailing either of us, please send emails to both of us.  This helps keep the lines of communication open.

                      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.      and    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

·         If your child misses school, a “While You Were Away” folder might be brought home.  Inside the folder is work that your child missed and should be completed and returned within the week.  If your child arrives quite late to school, they may also miss a lesson, and may be bringing home the work to complete.

Parents, thank you for your support and a good start to the year.

What we are learning…

Reading:  This month, we are learning about story elements (characters, setting, plot development) in our read aloud stories.  We are responding to what we have read by completing short activities.  We are hoping to improve our reading fluency this year and are learning to do choral reading, partner readings and practicing our “P.O.W.” (Poem of the Week).  We are busy assessing each student so that we can begin Guided Reading Groups shortly.

Writing: This month, we are continuing to work on writing strong sentences.  We will be learning how to check over our own writing to look for spelling mistakes, punctuation and capitalization errors.  We are currently working on our Autobiography project and a mini unit on Heroes (focusing on Terry Fox).

Math: Finishing up our unit on Patterns and will be moving into Place Value by mid-month.  In addition, students have been and will continue to work on addition/subtraction skills by playing game and doing daily drills.

·         When we begin our unit on Place Value, a ‘parent helper’ sheet will be sent home that will explain our unit learning goals and ways to support at home.

Social Studies: We are continuing to learn about Mapping skills.  Students will be using the concepts that they have learned to create their own community map.

Science: We have been learning about the Scientific Method and conducting various science experiments.  This month we will begin a unit on Matter.

Bible: This month we will be looking at ‘heroes’ of the Bible. Students will be engaging in a partner project, in which they will be reading about a person in the Bible and reflecting on character traits, explaining what makes this person a hero, and creating a poster about their hero.  To end this project, students will present their information and teach the class about their hero.  In addition, students will continue to be given the opportunity to think about, write and appreciate all of the blessings in their life (big and small) as they write in their Blessing Book.  We also participate in daily prayer/devotions time.


Health and Career Education (HCE): We will be working on goal setting as well and friendship skills.

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Wednesday October 19th from 2pm-7pm (early dismissal for students), and Thursday October 20th from 8:30am-3:00pm.  Sign-up sheets will be posted outside of our classroom in the next few weeks. Please note that both Grade three teachers will be present during the interviews on Wednesday, however, Mrs. Lasko will be conducting the Thursday interviews.  If you would like to meet with both teachers, please sign up on Wednesday.  Please look for more information regarding interview sign up sheets in the school newsletter. 

Upcoming Dates:

Thursday October 6th: ACSI conference for staff- No school for students.

Friday October 7th: ACSI conference for staff- No school for students.

Monday October 10th: Thanksgiving- no school

Wednesday October 19th- Early dismissal due to Parent Teacher Conferences

Thursday October 20th- no school for students due to Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday October 22st- Pro- D day- no school for students.

Monday October 31- Special presentation “Friend to Friend: Autism Demystification Program”.  This is an excellent program and we are excited to be a part of it!  Please check out more information from the website:


October Spelling Lists

Please note that October has a few professional development days as well as Thanksgiving Monday.  A full spelling list will not be given next week or during the week of the 17th.  Instead, we will be completing various activities related to some of the Grade three sight words.

Spelling words will continue to be written on the back of the Poem of the Week.

We look forward to another great month with your children!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Many Blessings,



H. Lasko and A. Flett

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