Grade 5

Zibby Corbett

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Grade 5 with Miss Corbett

Week of Nov 13th

Dear Parents,

Here's a look ahead for the rest of November!

 Language Arts:  Students second book review is due Wednesday, November 22nd. They are also working on their good copies of their comic story. 

 Math: We are currently working with decimal numbers - tenths, hundredths, thousandths.

SS & Science: We are studying conservation and sustainability of natural resources. 

Bible:  a new memory verse will begin this week.

French plays are planned for Nov 20 & 22nd.

The Christmas Scholastic Book order is due on Nov 27th.

Please remember to: 

 -check your child’s planner for a record of homework and upcoming events. All work should be brought to school each day and not left at home.

 We are busy practicing for our Christmas Musical. Remember to plan ahead for your tickets! 

-  It is cold outside!  Students should have their school sweaters and jackets now for cold and wet weather days!

Zibby Corbett












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Highland Dancing K-5

Register before Wed, Sept 28th!!

Highland Dancing K-5

Highland Dancing for K to 5 Girls – New Dancers Welcome, K to 3

Ms. Munro has produced several provincial champions and is an appointed Examiner for the British Association Teachers of Dance. Is a certified teacher and on the world wide panel for judges. She judged the North Island Highland Dancing Championship in New Zealand and in July and had the honour of judging the Canadian Championships in Winnipeg.

Ms. Munro will be offering highland dancing lessons every Monday starting on October 3rd until December 5th with the exception of October 12th, November 14th and 28th. K to 3 girls will be taught at lunch, and grades 4 and 5 will be in the gym after school until 4 p.m. Term 2 will resume in January. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity for your child to learn from one of the best!

See the newsletter for more information and registration slip to be filled out and returned before Wed, Sept 28th!!




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Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee vs Kenneth Gordon!

This Thursday, April 30



Calling all Grade 4 and 5 students!

LGCA vs Kenneth Gordon!  It's a friendly Ultimate Frisbee game!

Coach: Madame Pelz

Where: Brooksbank Park   980 E 13th Street, North Van

When: 3:30-4:30 pm (We need parents who can drive students there after school! Let MME Pelz know how many you can take:)

Wear: LGCA PE uniform and running shoes (cletes are fine too).  Bring a water bottle!

Sign up at the Athletics Bulletin Board outside my office!

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French 5--Duolingo at Home!

Starting April 21

Dear Parents and French Students!

Due to the overlapping of the high school in the computer lab, it is not possible to do duolingo during our scheduled French block.  It is now going to be completed outside of class.  This is a part of their class vocabulary mark.  And it's fun!

Here are the due dates (fridays:)

Basics 1, Basics  2: Due April 24

Phrases: Due May 1

Food:  Due May 8

Animals: Due May 15

Adjectives: Due May 22

Plurals: Due June 5 (extra week, due to Capenwray)

Être/Avoir: June 12


~Madame Pelz


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Earphones with microphone for French class!

By this Thursday, March 26

Bonjour Parents!

We are getting ready to launch as our class learning tool this week! is a web-based language learning tool that puts together grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking skills all into one trackable, fun learning tool.  Students will create a profile using their domain but will not have access to use this e-mail.  It is only for creating a trackable learning profile.  Only LGCA Tech Support and I will be able to get into the e-mail (in case the student forgets their password and has to reset it).  

Students are not permitted to "follow" other students or learners on duolingo.  This strict prevention is to ensure safety of your child--and keep their learning focussed on the course material!

Please ensure that your child has a set of earphones that have a microphone attached (headset or earbud style is fine).  The set provided with my cell phone is what I use. PLEASE LABEL THE EARPHONE/MICROPHONE SET CLEARLY, as they will be kept at school in a location-secured box between lessons.  This is to ensure no "I forgot them" will prevent participation in class:)

Thanks for your support!

Bonne journée,

Madame Pelz

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Thank You, Stephen Craig!

Taekwondo Instructor from Legacy Martial Arts, North Vancouver

Thank You, Stephen Craig!

In January, Stephen Craig from Legacy Martial Arts came to LGCA--and taught his skills to grades K-7 in a free lesson!  

Thank you, Mr. Craig! We had so much fun having you here!




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