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Janine Richardson

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Grade 4 October 16- 20

Grade 4 News

A few things to remember for this week (October 16 -20):
Early Dismissal- Wednesday @1:30pm
No School for students Thursday and Friday
Parent/teacher interviews -  Wednesday (2pm-7pm) and Thursday (8:30am-3pm)
Science World Field Trip and Permission slip - sent home today due Thursday October 26th. Field trip on November 3rd 2017
Scholastics - Due October 26th
Christmas Play auditions - October 23rd - Students who are interested have already attended a meeting with  Mrs. Lasko and myself and have their 'audition' lines.
Over the next few weeks we will be administering the Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) during class time. A brochure was sent home yesterday providing you with information regarding the assessment. If you have any questions please connect with either Mr. Tsui or myself.

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Grade 4 Notes

This week in Grade 4 October 10-13th

What's happening in Grade 4?
We have started our new unit on explorers; in particular we will be learning about explorers who came to North America as well as early contact, trade, cooperation, and conflict between First Peoples and European peoples.
Language Arts:
We are continuing with our reading unit on Charlottes Web. Students have also researched a spider and are now writing a descriptive and informative paragraph on their spider.
Continuing with our "Fruits of the Spirit" unit
We have started a new unit on numeration - students have been reviewing place value. They  received a homework sheet on place value on Tuesday which is due tomorrow. We will be having a mini unit review on Tuesday October 17th.
Please remember that PE days are a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Students are allowed to come to school on a Tuesday in their gym strip as they have PE first thing. However, they have to change into their school uniforms afterwards. On the other days, they change into their gym strip at school.
Things to Remember:
  • Parent teacher interviews are next Wednesday and Thursday
  • Sign up sheets are outside the classroom
  • Early dismissal Wednesday Oct 18th @ 1:30pm
  • No school for students Thursday and Friday (October 19th & 20th)
We will be having a Multiplication Madness month for the month of November. Details to follow - but if you want to get a head start practicing those multiplication tables - that would be great!

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Highland Dancing K-5

Register before Wed, Sept 28th!!

Highland Dancing K-5

Highland Dancing for K to 5 Girls – New Dancers Welcome, K to 3

Ms. Munro has produced several provincial champions and is an appointed Examiner for the British Association Teachers of Dance. Is a certified teacher and on the world wide panel for judges. She judged the North Island Highland Dancing Championship in New Zealand and in July and had the honour of judging the Canadian Championships in Winnipeg.

Ms. Munro will be offering highland dancing lessons every Monday starting on October 3rd until December 5th with the exception of October 12th, November 14th and 28th. K to 3 girls will be taught at lunch, and grades 4 and 5 will be in the gym after school until 4 p.m. Term 2 will resume in January. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity for your child to learn from one of the best!

See the newsletter for more information and registration slip to be filled out and returned before Wed, Sept 28th!!




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Welcome to grade 4

First letter home

Welcome to Grade 4 Dear Parents,

We would like to welcome you and your child to Grade 4. We are excited about the upcoming year and look forward to contributing to your child’s education. We believe that what happens in this classroom will affect your child’s future. We will strive to provide a positive environment with learning experiences designed to meet the varied learning needs of the students. It is our goal to help your child become a conscientious learner and a responsible member of our class.

Mrs. Richardson will be teaching Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Mr. Tsui will be teaching the Grade 4’s on a Wednesday. School Supplies: Please send all school supplies to school as soon as possible.

Earthquake Kit: Please send in your child’s earthquake kit in as soon as possible. In the event of an emergency it is imperative that each child have one of these in order to bring them comfort.

Mornings: Each morning the children follow a certain routine. We start the morning with Morning Madness while the children unpack, hand in planners and have their homework checked.

Homework: Your child will once again be using a student planner. We will be checking planners daily to ensure that homework and reminders are written down. Your child will be responsible for bringing their planner to and from school on a daily basis. Planner usage is an important part of Personal Planning. It is necessary for you to sign or initial the planner after checking it for messages and homework completion. Weekly math and spelling homework is assigned on Monday and is due on Friday. Spelling will be tested on Friday. Marks are allocated for the math homework. Each student has a binder into which all homework and notices will be placed. Please ensure that you check each section daily. This binder also needs to be returned on a daily basis. Paint Shirt:

Throughout the year we do many art projects that are often quite messy. To protect your child’s uniform it would be helpful to have an old, oversized shirt that your child could wear over his/her clothes. Please label the shirt and send it to school as soon as possible. Library: Library will be every Tuesday with Mr. Mac. P.E and D.P.A: Students have P.E every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Mr. Hung. They are required to have their gym strip at school on these days. Please note that in grade 4 students come to school in their formal uniform every day and change into their gym strip when it is P.E. Daily Physical Activity (D.P.A.) has been mandated by the Ministry of Education and requires that students partake in 30 minutes of physical activity each day. Please ensure your child has runners at school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In the event of inclement weather, we will ensure that the students are involved in some form of indoor exercise.

Parent Volunteers: We occasionally require help from parents for activities such as art projects, guided reading, and helping with tables and bonds. If you are able to assist, please let either Mrs. Richardson or Mr.Tsui know.

Absentees: Please remember to send a written note (or email) when your child has returned to school after being away. We need the paper trail for funding audits. Website: Please check the school website and your child’s planner for any notices or updates. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to us.

Janine Richardson and Raymond Tsui

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French memorization cards

Speaking Quiz on Thursday, May 21

Hi Parents!

We are gearing up for our video recoreded play performance of "Les Trois Petits Cochons" (Three Little Pigs) on June 9.  Step 1 is memorization of the play parts.  Students are bringing home their play lines written in French.  Please ensure your kid reads over this play part for 5-10 min a day.  

There will be a short oral quiz/memorization check where students will hand me their cards and recite their lines one on one with me on Thursday, May 21.

Thanks for your support!

Madame Pelz


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Earphones with microphone for French class!

By this Thursday, March 26

Bonjour Parents!

We are getting ready to launch as our class learning tool this week! is a web-based language learning tool that puts together grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking skills all into one trackable, fun learning tool.  Students will create a profile using their domain but will not have access to use this e-mail.  It is only for creating a trackable learning profile.  Only LGCA Tech Support and I will be able to get into the e-mail (in case the student forgets their password and has to reset it).  

Students are not permitted to "follow" other students or learners on duolingo.  This strict prevention is to ensure safety of your child--and keep their learning focussed on the course material!

Please ensure that your child has a set of earphones that have a microphone attached (headset or earbud style is fine).  The set provided with my cell phone is what I use. PLEASE LABEL THE EARPHONE/MICROPHONE SET CLEARLY, as they will be kept at school in a location-secured box between lessons.  This is to ensure no "I forgot them" will prevent participation in class:)

Thanks for your support!

Bonne journée,

Madame Pelz

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