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What to know for grade 6!

Image result for clip art private school kidsGRADE 6 GENERAL INFORMATION



We are excited to teach your child and look forward to all that lies ahead!  We are committed to making this one of the best social, emotional, spiritual, and academic years for your child.  Below are some guidelines to help them get the most out of their Grade 6 experience:


Being an independent learner means that students will need to take RESPONSILIBITYfor their learning within the classroom.  Our role, in partnership with the home, is to teach students to become more independent in preparation for Grade 7 and high school.  While students are learning to be independent we are always here to support them through the process.  Our expectation is that students will try their best at all times.  Taking risks is essential to learning new things and we challenge students to be stretched beyond their comfort zone at times.  Taking small steps will allow them to grow throughout the year.


It is important that communication between home and school is strong.  You know your child best, so please contact us if you have any concerns about your child’s academic, emotional, or social needs.  We have a number of ways to maintain the lines of communication:

  • Google Classroom– students (& parents) can use Edmodo to download assignment sheets, find updates and reminders and connect with their classmates about school related topics. *Mrs.Friesen will demo Google Classroom on the BBQ night
  • Email– if you have concerns or questions please contact us through email.  We both check our email regularly.
  • Parent/Teacher interviews– throughout the year parent/teacher conferences will be scheduled.  We are able to schedule a face-to-face meeting outside of those times to discuss any concerns regarding your child.



  • Each assignment will contribute to the overall letter grade for the term.  It is important that students use their class time wisely to ensure they understand the assignment and complete their work.
  • At the beginning of each project, criteria and expectations will be discussed with the class (a project sheet and grading rubric will be handed out at that time).
  • Due dates for projects will be known in advance and indicated in the planner and on the website.  Students should not leave their project until the night before it is due!  We will help the students create a guideline to break the project into manageable chunks.
  • Quizzes happen for Bible memory verses, Math and occasionally for Social Studies and Science.  Tests will usually occur at the end of a unit in Math, Social Studies, and Science.  A study sheet will be given out prior to the test as well as posted on Google Classroom.






We believe that students should work hard at school and use their out-of-school time to focus on things that contribute success in life: eat dinner as a family, participate in extra-curricular activities (sports, arts, youth group), play outdoors and READ!  Therefore, we will not be assigning nightly “homework”.  Students will have project work and be expected to review for tests.  They should also read at least 30 minutes a day. Every. Single. Day.

  • Students are provided with a planner to keep track of assignments that are due and important information.  They may also take a photo of the due date board on their device.
  • Assignments should be handed-in at the beginning of the day it is due.  Work turned in after that time willhave marks deducted.  *Part of the CE mark will include handing in work on time.
  • We understand that circumstances can make it difficult to complete an assignment or project.  Please have your child email us ahead of time to let us know about these circumstances and we can extend grace by working out an extension, extra help, etc.  Excuses on the due date are not acceptable.
  • Students that continue to have incomplete work will be required to stay in at lunch or recess to complete the assignments.



Students who need extra help can come before school or request to stay after school.   However, we are not tutors and strongly encourage students to ask questions during class time.    Most evenings we are able to reply to emails/ Google Classroom messages regarding assignments.


It is important that students arrive on time and have the necessary supplies for each day (PE clothes, Band instrument, USB stick, etc.).  The work load in Grade 6 makes it difficult for students to catch up if they are late, and is not good stewardship of everyone’s time if we need to spend time repeating instructions/assignments for late students.

When a student is absent it is their RESPONSIBILITY to find out what work they have missed.  They should check the class blog, Edmodo, email or call a friend, or email the teachers.

It is the parent’s responsibility to provide a written note or email to the office regarding the absence.  These notes are audited and used for our school funding.






Students are required to wear their formal uniform everyday. We ask that you assist us in making sure your child is properly dressed when they leave the house each morning, that means:

  • all black shoes (notboots)
  • navy/black socks or tights (girls)
  • and their shirt tucked in (golf shirts may be worn untucked)
  • The students should keep their PE uniform (navy shorts, gray t-shirt and running shoes) at school EVERYDAY for participation in PE or DPA (Daily Physical Activity).  But please…take it home for regular washing! We also ask that all students keep deodorant at school for after PE class.  (Please, NO SPRAY DEODORANTS)
  • Please note- intermediate students do not need to have all black running shoes.  They may wear any colour of athletic shoes.  It is important that the shoes provide good support for active play (and fit a family’s budget).



Proper nutrition and proper hydration help fuel students’ bodies for learning.  Each student should have a reusable waterbottle to keep at their desk.  Please label it and send one that is made of a heavy material so that it does not constantly drop off their desk.  We know that hungry students do not learn effectively so we allow students to snack on fresh fruit and vegetables in class. Please do not send chips or snacks with a high sugar content (NO soda pop!).

  • A “hot” lunch will be available weekly by pre-order through the PAC “Munch a Lunch” program.  Keep you eyes out for the order forms in early September.



The Grade 6 students will have the opportunity to participate in Scholastic Book Clubs.  Flyers will be sent home throughout the year.  Scholastic provides a variety of reading material at a very reasonable price.  When you order the class earns coupons towards the purchase of books and resources for the class.  Please do not feel that you need to purchase these books.

 As educators we know that parents have the greatest insight into their child.  To allow us to get to know your child please email both of us the following information:

  • At home my child enjoys….
  • My child excels at…
  • In 5 words (or less) I would describe my child’s temperament as…
  • My biggest concern(s) about my child in Gr.6 are…
  • Any other information you think we should know about your child.

We can be contacted at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  & This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Welcome To Grade 6

September 15th

Welcome To Grade 6

Dear Parents,


What a busy two weeks it has been in grade 6.  We have hiked, drawn pictures, written sentences, solved complex math problems and learned how to have a growth mindset.  Stay tuned for more on (What is a growth mindset?)


Google Classroom:  The grade 6 students have been assigned the task of setting up google classroom on their home computer and/or device.  (parents you are encouraged to check their google classroom nightly) Our goal this year is for all grade 6 students to use google docs and google classroom.  Their school gmail account allows them access to both google docs and google classroom.  NOTE, since it is a school email address it should ONLY be used for school related purposes.  


Meet The Teacher Barbeque:  Sadly, Mrs. Hodgins will not be at the meet the teacher barbeque. She is working that evening at her other teaching job in Delta. However, if you would like to meet Mrs. Hodgins she will open her door before and after school on Tuesdays in September.  So, stop in and say Hi.

Mrs. Friesen will be at the barbeque and is looking forward to meeting everyone’s parents or guardians.  From 7-8pm I will be in the grade 6 classroom doing demo’s on google classroom and stressing our #1 goal for grade 6...responsibility.  


Communication:  We will be using google classroom nightly to communicate with the students.  All homework, assignments and announcements will be posted on there.  If you have any questions please email us immediately.  We are always available via email.

Also, we will try to post weekly updates on the school blog (will be done on the weekend) so please check back Sunday nights.



Mrs. Hodgins and Mrs. Friesen



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Grade 5 with Miss Corbett

Week of Sept 5.

 September 2017

Dear Parents,

Our school year starts off with a sense of excitement; meeting old and new friends and sorting through lovely new school supplies! Together we begin the process of learning together, particularly class routines and expectations. Here are some details students (and Parents) need to be reminded of each day:

Uniforms- students must wear their formal uniforms every day( tie not necessary).  Shoes- students are expected to wear all-black shoes with their uniform.  These shoes may be left at school and must be worn inside and on field trips. Running shoes may be worn to and from school, during PE, recess and lunch.

P.E. - Physical Education will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Please send the PE uniform in a bag for these days. Library – Thursday’s

Planners/Agendas- please make a habit of checking your child’s planner for a record of homework assignments and upcoming events.  (Homework will also be listed by subject on the classroom board

Absentee notes- If your child misses a day or portion of a day, you will need to send an email to the office with a brief explanation.

Students are allowed to bring fresh Fruits and Vegetables and a water bottle into the class to snack on during the day.  Other foods and beverages are for recess and lunch.

 When students have homework, it is to come back the next day. That is also true of any subject workbooks that go home.

Picture Day is Thursday Sept 14th.

*Meet the Teacher Night is on Thursday Sept 21st.  This is a good opportunity to meet, ask, and have questions answered about the class and school year.  I am looking forward to getting to know you and your child this fall. 


Miss Zibby Corbett.











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Highland Dancing K-5

Register before Wed, Sept 28th!!

Highland Dancing K-5

Highland Dancing for K to 5 Girls – New Dancers Welcome, K to 3

Ms. Munro has produced several provincial champions and is an appointed Examiner for the British Association Teachers of Dance. Is a certified teacher and on the world wide panel for judges. She judged the North Island Highland Dancing Championship in New Zealand and in July and had the honour of judging the Canadian Championships in Winnipeg.

Ms. Munro will be offering highland dancing lessons every Monday starting on October 3rd until December 5th with the exception of October 12th, November 14th and 28th. K to 3 girls will be taught at lunch, and grades 4 and 5 will be in the gym after school until 4 p.m. Term 2 will resume in January. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity for your child to learn from one of the best!

See the newsletter for more information and registration slip to be filled out and returned before Wed, Sept 28th!!




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Welcome to Grade 3!

Welcome to Grade 3!

Parents and Grade 3's,

Welcome to our class!  We are looking forward to working with you this year.  Please bring all class supplies to school on Tuesday, but if something is forgotten or has not been purchased yet, we will have time to sort that out this week.  A Welcome to Grade 3 newsletter will go home on Tuesday which will let you know more about us and answer some questions you may have about Grade 3.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!  Meet us in the gym at 8:35am!



Mrs. Flett and Mrs. Lasko

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