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Monthly Tuition Fees for 2018 / 2019

Ten Monthly Payments commencing September 2018
  (A) (B) (C) (D)
Grade (Oldest)
First Child
Second Child Third Child Fourth Child
Kindergarten to Grade 3
Grade 4 to Grade 7
Grade 8 to Grade 12
422 269

Kindergarten is full-day program – Monday to Friday.


(1) A family with two children - one in Grade 5 and one in Grade 1 would pay the following monthly: (2) A family with three children - one in Grade 8, Grade 4 and Kindergarten would pay the following monthly: 
Grade 5: $689
Grade 1: $371
Total monthly fee: $1,060
Grade 8: $729
Grade 3: $396
Kindergarten: $230
Total monthly fee: $1,355

A charitable donation receipt for tax purposes will be issued annually for the portion of tuition paid that pertains to religious instruction. The amount varies from year to year and is calculated in accordance with the Canada Revenue Agency requirements.


Other school related expenses / fees

Uniforms approximately $500, bible $30/child
New Registrations: $200 each
Annual Re-registrations: $150 per student or $200 per family

Policies Relating to Tuition Payments

Standard tuition rates apply to all students admitted to the school.  The following policies apply unless arrangements have been made with the office.
  1. Tuition is due in 10 payments on the 1st day of the month starting in September and ending in June via the direct deposit payment method. Please complete the Direct Payment Enrolment Form and enclose a VOID cheque when registering.

  2. Annual Payment – If tuition is to be paid for the entire year it must be submitted by the first day of classes.  The annual tuition payment can be made by cash, cheque or money order. We will accept credit cards for a full year tuition payment only.

  3. The Board considers that all unpaid tuition accounts are still due to Lions Gate Christian Academy, unless arrangements have been made with the office.  

  4. When it is necessary for a student to voluntarily withdraw from the school for any reason, one full school month’s notice must be given together with the payment of the tuition fee for the complete month. 

  5. Children of parents owing overdue tuition or other obligations, e.g., repayment for lost or vandalized books and equipment, will not be readmitted to Lions Gate Christian Academy the following year until obligations have been met or arrangements made to deal with them. 

  6. When a student is expelled or withdrawn at the recommendation of the school, tuition will be due up until the date of expulsion or withdrawal.  A refund of the un-expired portion of the month will be made.

Checklist and Procedure

Send or bring the completed forms below along with the following documents to the school:

 - A copy of parent’s birth certificate or landed immigrant papers or Visa.
- A copy of the student’s birth certificate.
- A copy of the student’s most recent report card.
- $200.00 Registration fee paid. (Non-refundable).

When the above information has been received by the school you will be contacted and notified of an interview date with the Admissions person and the Principal, and a time for admissions testing. Where students have been enrolled in another school, that school will be contacted.

Applications for September enrollment are accepted throughout the year.

Download forms

Statement of Faith Application Package

Send or bring the completed forms below along with the following documents to the school

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