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High School

Grades 8 – 12

We celebrated our first graduating class in June 2012! After three graduation commencements, we continue to hold a 100% graduation rate!
Our High School program continues to build on the foundation of our strong elementary foundation. In High School, youth face many changes and decisions as they mature physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We strive to remain sensitive to the needs of individual students and to support and equip them through knowing them, loving them and teaching them to think Christianly in all subject areas.

Our High School students are offered a variety of electives and challenged to excel in all subject areas. Students have access to a computer lab, sciences lab, art and home economics facilities. They are given opportunities for leadership and community service including, in grades 11/12, an annual missions trip to serve in a developing country. Students lead chapels through worship teams and frequently share testimonies or special applications of scripture.


Students enroll in core academic subjects including Maths, Sciences, Social Studies, English, French, Bible, Planning 10, Grad Transitions and PE. Electives combine with the core subjects to complete the program. Elective subjects will vary based on the school means and student interests. Currently, the electives we offer are Fine Arts, Music/Band, Home Economics, Information Technology, Outdoor Education and yearbook publication.


Athletics play a vital role in school life. Students participate in a variety of sports teams and clubs. Our growing athletics program currently includes cross-country, volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, ultimate, swimming and badminton. New athletic opportunities continue to present themselves as our school grows.

Service Outreach

Students reach out to the community through service opportunities. In High School, students are challenged to assist with local ministries such as the Union Gospel Mission. Our senior students will also have the opportunity to participate in outreach to a third world country to assist in Christian education. LGCA students are being trained to impact the world for God.

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