K – Grade 7

At LGCA, we join forces with home and church to establish a firm foundation for your children. The earlier the start, the better! We value the family atmosphere at Lions Gate Christian Academy. Our community is built on parent participation and daily communication.

We purpose to address academic, spiritual, physical, emotional, moral and social skills. We guide the minds of curious children to explore God’s creation, and to gain understanding and appreciation of our world. We want our students to know God's plan for their lives and walk in it. We encourage our students to develop their God-given abilities in every area of life. We have three school-wide rules:

- Demonstrate mutual respect (for God, yourself and others). - Try your best. - Have fun!

Lions Gate Christian Academy offers the BC curricula established by the Ministry of Education. As an independent, interdenominational Christian school, we have the privilege of teaching this curricula from a Christian Worldview. Our teachers are all provincially certified and committed Christians.


In addition to Language Arts, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, Physical Education, Bible and Healthy Living curricula, LGCA offers computer instruction and Internet resources for all grade levels. Our students have access to a computer lab for both computer instruction and cross-curricular support. French instruction begins in grade 4 and continues through High School. Our weekly chapel time reflects the LGCA family atmosphere. Staff, students and parents worship together and share chapel experiences. Student worship teams lead chapel singing.


School-wide musicals, concerts, science and social studies fairs, and fine arts evenings are annual events to showcase various talents of our students. Field trips, theme days and sports days are part of school life at LGCA. Our sports program includes a diversity of gym activities and off campus ventures such as ice skating, snowshoeing, hiking and swimming. We employ a Primary PE specialist as well as our school wide Athletic Director. Outdoor education experiences begin in grade 4. Students have opportunities to reach out into the local community through service projects such as food drives, Samaritan's Purse shoeboxes at Christmas and community clean ups.

Music Exploration

Music Exploration is an after school music/arts program that is offered through the HOW MUSIC & ARTS Academy, (Hearts Of Worship). Director and Instructor Ken Twist teaches an instrument rotation program with the help of student teacher assistants, which hosts instructional material in Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Violin and Vocals. Many of the young people involved in these programs are then trained to assist in the leading of Chapel assemblies held every Friday in the school gymnasium. MX classes are a child's joyful exploration into the world of music and arts. There is a cost for this program. For details please visit www.howmusic.ca

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