Primary Supply List (2016-17)

1. K-1 students will have all supplies provided by the school.  K-1 students to provide box of Kleenex, their own felts and 3 large Ziplock Bags.

2. Grade 2 students will have all supplies provided by the school.  Grade 2 students to provide 1 pencil box to fit the following items:  their own felts, 1 box of 24 pencil crayons and 1 box Kleenex. Please label.

3. Grade 3 students will have some notebooks, and duo tangs provided by the school.

The students must provide their own:

• We ask for these particular brand names as they are of good quality and this helps the children to be successful when using them
• We ask that you remove all packaging and send these supplies with your child on the first day of school

Supply List
Labelled items:
1 x package Crayola fine tip markers  
1 x package 12 Crayola pencil crayons
1 x package Crayola 12 or 16 pack oil pastels
2 x Extra Fine Black Felt Tip pens (not a Sharpie type)
1 x 30 cm ruler
1 x scissors
3 x white erasers
1 x plastic pencil case (small so it will fit in their desk)
1 x short sleeve t-shirt, labeled, to be used as an Art Smock
1 x scrapbook: Hilroy 20 pages Studio Scrapbook 35.5x27.9cm)
2 x pencil sharpeners
1 x 1 inch 3 ringed binder WITH a pocket on the inside cover (white)
2 x 100 page lined paper notebooks
1 x pkg. of dividers for binder (with at least 5 different dividers)

Unlabelled items:
3 x 40g glue sticks
1 x 240 ml Elmer’s liquid glue
1 x box Kleenex
1 x pkg HB pencils (good quality so they don’t break)

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