Emergency Kits

Emergency/Comfort kit checklist

Please complete the comfort kit in a medium sized zip lock bag ensuring that your child’s full name (first and last name) is written on the outside of the bag with the items listed below. When completed, return it to your child’s new classroom teacher.

The comfort kit should include the following items:

  1. 2 Granola Bars, fruit leathers or other non-perishable high-energy snack.
  2. 2 Band-aids
  3. Kleenex (1 small pocket-pack size)
  4. A short note from you to your child, to reassure them. Some suggestions as to what you might include in your note:
    • Words of comfort – reassure them that God is watching over them; that you love them very much; and that you are praying for them
    • Reminder to listen to the teacher and stay with the class group
    • Assurance that the school is prepared to care for them until you or the alternate contacts (give their names) are able to come for them.
  5. A small toy (optional) that would help comfort your child
  6. A photograph of your family (if available) – also to provide comfort to your child.
  7. A garbage bag – which can be used as a rain poncho or to sit on.
  8. A solar blanket (available at the Dollar Store)

Thank-you for your assistance. This small kit can make a big difference to the well-being of your child in the event of an emergency situation.

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