Grade 5

Week of May 23rd

Greetings from the classroom!

We are on the finishing length of the Grade 5 Marathon! Here is a look at what's ahead for your students.


 Math - Measurement. We are finishing the Measurement unit and will write the test by Thursday  Students are able to find perimeter, area, volume, and convert measures.

ELA - Book review due May 30th.  Graphic Story due on Thursday May 25th

Social Studies - We are nearing the end of our history of BC - Test will follow. TBA

French - costumes are needed at class

HCE - Menu planning assignment with partner - due date May 24th.

Grade 5 will be playing the recorder in Chapel on Friday and they will also be sharing some memory verses.  Please come and enjoy the performance!

Class Field Trip to Britannia Museum - May 31st.  Please return permission slip along with $3.00

Track and Field notice to return for those particpating in Track Meet.

 Miss Corbett





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