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Grade 7 - Camp Homewood

Form & Payment due by Friday, March 5th

Grade 7 - Camp Homewood


The students in Grade 7 will be attending an overnight camp at Camp Homewood, on Quadra Island, from Wednesday, April 8th to Friday, April 10th, 2015.

The students will be meeting at the Horseshoe Bay Ferry terminal on Wednesday morning at 6:00am sharp. We should be arriving back at Horseshoe Bay Ferry terminal on Friday around 5:15pm.  If there is a change in the return time the school office will be notified, please check with the office at 3:00 pm or alternatively check your email to confirm pick up time.

Students are required to wear their PE uniform (with grade 7 hoodie) to school on Wednesday and on the return trip on Friday. As we are traveling for most of the morning please ensure that students bring a bagged breakfast and some snacks.

The cost of this trip will be $50.00 per student. Please send a cheque/cash to the school with this permission form.

Please print, sign and return the permission form together with payment to school by Friday, March 5th. 2015.

More will information will be sent home with the students after Spring Break. We are looking forward to a great trip of bonding and a lot of fun!

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Thank You, Stephen Craig!

Taekwondo Instructor from Legacy Martial Arts, North Vancouver

Thank You, Stephen Craig!

In January, Stephen Craig from Legacy Martial Arts came to LGCA--and taught his skills to grades K-7 in a free lesson!  

Thank you, Mr. Craig! We had so much fun having you here!




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Grade 7: Class Notes

Some Reminders

Work due on Friday February 20th
1.    Independent Novel Study project
2.    Geraldine Moore diary entry

Work due on Monday February 23th
1.    Choice of topic for Socials Fair
2.    Geraldine Moore character picture

Work due on Tuesday February 24th
1.    Timeline for Socials Fair
2.    Math – integers

Other Reminders

•    Please return pink papers with subject choices for grade 8
•    Spring Break – March 6 to March 23
•    Camp Homewood – April 8 – 10, 2015


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Grade 7: Jan 26 - 30

Math – Ratio and rates
1. Monday to Thursday – meaning of ration, equivalent ratios, solving proportions
2. Thursday 29th – quiz on above concepts

1. Due Wednesday 28th - The new food – web to be completed
2. Due Friday 30th - For Pete’s Snake – newspaper article

Social Studies
1. God/goddess 1 page project – due Thursday 29th
2. UNIT TEST – Wednesday February 5th
3. See study sheet below

1. Test on Chapter 9 – next week

1. Partners project – due Thursday 29th

Independent Novel Study
1. Due February 20th – Students have 4 weeks to get this done and are required to complete a timeline and due dates for each section. A mark for H.C.E. will be assigned for work completed by following their personal outline.
2. See outline of project below

Independent Novel Study:

Due – Friday February 20, 2015

This reading project is to be done at home and during independent work time at school. After reading a novel of your choice, complete the following assignments:

1. Title Page
• Create a new title page for your novel.  It should include the title and the author’s name.  Be creative!
2. Plot Summary
• In your own words, explain what happens in the book.  Include only the main events and write about them in the order in which they occur in the book.  This should be written in a well-developed paragraph of about 8 – 12 sentences in length.  This is a summary and should not be too detailed!
3. Character Assignments (To be done on separate pages):
• Draw a detailed portrait of the main character as described in the book or as you see that character in your mind’s eye (1/2 page).  Beneath the portrait, write a paragraph which explains the character’s role in the story, the problem the character faced, and how you think the character learned from, or was changed by, the events in the book.  (1/2 page)
• Complete a Character Comparison Diagram (This will be given to you).  Compare the appearances, personalities, and roles of three characters in the novel.  Be thorough and informative, give some specifics.
4. Story Map
• Draw a map of the story that would represent your story well and follows through the main events of the book.  There should be a minimum of 10 and no more than 12 events.  Each event should be accompanied by a short sentence explaining the event. The map should include the title, the author’s name, and markings which indicate the beginning and the end of the story.  No white space, please and be creative!
5. Diary Entries
• Write at least 5 diary entries as if they had been written by the main character in the book.  These diary entries should reflect what the character is thinking and feeling about the main events or problems in the story.  Each entry should be a good, solid paragraph in length.  Decorations, dates and add-ons are welcome!
6. Personal Book Rating
• In a good paragraph, write your personal rating of the novel and how you think the author could have improved it.  Remember to give examples from the book to support your answer. You may want to consider the following questions when explaining your rating and don’t just answer them in this order. Use the questions as a guide to your paragraph.

✓ Did the story capture your interest immediately?
✓ Did the characters grow or change in the story?
✓ Was the setting described well?
✓ Did the author use interesting vocabulary?
✓ Were the characters believable?
✓ Did the action move along at good pace?
✓ Was the story confusing in parts?
✓ Did the story make you think about the problem?

What counts?
• Project is fully completed and submitted on time
• Clear organization
• Complete sentences
• Creative presentation
• Informative, thoughtful writing
• Proper proofreading and editing
• Correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling


All of the answers for the information below can be found in all of your Ancient Egypt handouts or in your textbook.   Remember you will be given 10 marks for completing study notes.

A. Terms, definitions and gods:  (Be able to describe or define all of the following words below in at least one complete sentence.)

world view

military leaders

peasant farmers

B.  Paragraph Answers:  (Be able to answer the following questions in 5 – 8 detailed sentences)

a) Why was Egypt “the gift of the Nile”?
b) What was life like in the home of an ordinary Egyptian?
c) What was life like in the home of a rich Egyptian?
d) What did a strong central power allow the Egyptians to attain?
e) The role of religion in the life of the Ancient Egyptians.
f) Hieroglyphics

C.  Essay Answer:  (Be able to answer the following question in either one detailed paragraph or two to three smaller paragraphs. Make sure you include an introductory and concluding sentence.)

1. Using the chart “Features of Egyptian Civilization” describe in detail what features made Egypt one of the great Ancient civilizations.  Make sure you include the six features that make up a civilization.
2. Describe the unique cultural ways in which the Ancient Egyptians expressed themselves. Include their dress, religion and social structur

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Grade 7: Jan 12 – 21

Thank You!

Thank you for the Christmas cards, words of encouragement and gifts that I received at Christmas. I felt truly blessed by your kindness and generosity. I wish all of you a blessed and prosperous New Year. May you know abundant love and joy, and the presence of the Lord surrounding and filling you.

• Daily Math pages on percent to be completed marked and scored.
• Friday (16th) quiz on percent (meaning of, changing decimals and fractions to % and finding % of a number)
• I page mini project giving examples using percent (taxes, sales, discount) – due Wednesday 21st
• Unit test with study notes – Tuesday 20th

• Ancient Egyptian Creation story comic – due Friday 16th
• Meeting Basic Needs worksheet – due Thursday 15th
• Unit test with study notes – Tuesday 20th

Language Arts:
• Reading Comprehension questions
• All students should have a novel to read silently in class each day

• Quiz on Tuesday 20th, on the 5 poetry books of the Bible and memorize Ecclesiastes12:13-14
• Write your own Psalm (title, typed out, personal reflection and thanks, praise God, illustrated) – due Thursday 22nd


• Legacy Martial Arts self-defence class – Wednesday January 14th
• Mission Fest – Friday January 30th
• Staff Retreat and Pro-D day – Thursday and Friday, February 5 and 6
• BC Family Day – Monday February 9

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G7 Notes: Week Dec 1 – 5

Daniel’s Story: Chapter 9 – 12
- Persuasive Essay due on Friday
- Mini projects due Friday

Math: Operations with fractions (+, - x, ÷)
- Fractions Poster due on Friday
- Quiz on Friday
- Unit test on Wednesday December 10

Socials Studies: Ancient Mesopotamia
- Review page (10 marks) due Thursday
- Unit Test – Thursday
- All worksheets in duotang fully completed

Science: Chapter 7 & 8
- Test on Friday

Bible: History Books
- 2 jeopardy card due on Wednesday
- Quiz on Monday December 8

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