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Debby Simpson

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Highland Dancing K-5

Register before Wed, Sept 28th!!

Highland Dancing K-5

Highland Dancing for K to 5 Girls – New Dancers Welcome, K to 3

Ms. Munro has produced several provincial champions and is an appointed Examiner for the British Association Teachers of Dance. Is a certified teacher and on the world wide panel for judges. She judged the North Island Highland Dancing Championship in New Zealand and in July and had the honour of judging the Canadian Championships in Winnipeg.

Ms. Munro will be offering highland dancing lessons every Monday starting on October 3rd until December 5th with the exception of October 12th, November 14th and 28th. K to 3 girls will be taught at lunch, and grades 4 and 5 will be in the gym after school until 4 p.m. Term 2 will resume in January. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity for your child to learn from one of the best!

See the newsletter for more information and registration slip to be filled out and returned before Wed, Sept 28th!!




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Thank You, Stephen Craig!

Taekwondo Instructor from Legacy Martial Arts, North Vancouver

Thank You, Stephen Craig!

In January, Stephen Craig from Legacy Martial Arts came to LGCA--and taught his skills to grades K-7 in a free lesson!  

Thank you, Mr. Craig! We had so much fun having you here!




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Highland Dancing Resumes

Mon, Jan 12th, 3.15pm-4pm

Highland Dancing Resumes

Highland Dancing Lessons (K to grade 3 girls) resume on Monday, Jan 12th from 3:15 to 4 p.m. in the
gym. Dancers to be in t-shirts and shorts and long hair is to be in a ponytail.

New dancers are welcome for Term 2 at a cost of $35 (7 lessons), payable to LGCA.

For any new dancers, you can e-mail Ms. Munro at mmunro@lgca to register.

For those not familiar with highland dancing, it is the spectacular combination of movement, music and costume. The movements are strong and impressive. Students will be introduced to some basic movements in an environment where self-confidence, self-esteem, self-motivation and fitness will be fostered. With more space this year, the dancers will also be learning specific dances.

For families new to the school just a little about my qualifications. Outside of school, I have my own dance school. As a teacher I have produced several provincial champions along with other championship titles. I am an appointed Examiner for the British Association Teachers of Dance, as well as a certified teacher and I am also on the world wide panel for judges. As a judge and teacher, I have the opportunity to travel worldwide to pass on my knowledge.

What to wear – school shorts and t-shirts and long hair must be tied back in a ponytail. Proper dance shoes are not necessary to start however if your child has ballet slippers or gymnastic slippers these will be just fine otherwise socks will do. In the future, I can advise where to purchase proper highland dancing slippers.

We will be working toward some specific goals, such as BATD dance exams in term 3, therefore regular attendance is required unless your child is sick.

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